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gold ore beneficiation machine sale price,Scope of application: mineral processing of gold ore

Applicable materials: vein gold mine, gold deposit, Weishan mine, gold deposit containing elements such as silver, copper, antimony, selenium, antimony, antimony and sulfur

Feed particle size: according to the actual situation

Processing capacity: according to the actual situation

Gold ore dressing equipment introduction

At present, the mainstream gold selection process: generally crushed by a crusher, and then scorched by a mill, through re-election, flotation, extraction of concentrates and tailings, and then through chemical methods, after smelting, the products become finished products .

Breaking and grinding of the gold selection process

The jaw crusher is mostly used for coarse crushing, and the cone crusher is used for crushing, while the fine crushing is short head cone crusher and counter roller crusher. Most of the small and medium-sized gold-removing plants use two-stage and one-off road crushing, and the large-scale gold-removing plant adopts a three-stage one-closed road crushing process. In order to increase the output and equipment utilization coefficient, the concentrator generally follows the principle of multi-grinding and grinding, and reduces the grain size of the ore.

Gold mine Detailed gold selection process

1. Gold mine flotation equipment
The flotation gold ore is mostly used for flotation and dressing. At present, the flotation machine commonly used in China’s gold concentrator is a domestic mechanical agitation flotation machine.

The flotation equipment is mainly a flotation machine and other equipment for implementing the flotation process. The slurry is stirred and aerated. Under the action of various flotation agents, the ore particles adhere to the bubbles, the bubbles rise, form a mineralized foam layer, and are scraped or overflowed by the scraper. This series of flotation processes are all in the flotation machine. Completed in the middle. The flotation machine is mostly made up of multiple tanks connected in series.

In most cases, the flotation method is used to treat sulfide minerals containing gold ore with high reproducibility, and the effect is more significant. Because flotation can not only enrich the gold to the sulfide mineral concentrate, but also waste tailings, the cost of ore dressing is low. The flotation process is also used to treat polymetallic gold-bearing ores such as gold-copper, gold-lead, gold-bismuth, gold-copper-lead-zinc-sulfur ore. For this kind of ore, the flotation process can effectively identify and select various gold-bearing sulfide concentrates, which is conducive to the comprehensive recovery of mineral resources. In addition, so-called “refractory ores” that cannot be directly treated by amalgamation and cyanidation are also required to be treated by a combined process including flotation. Of course, the flotation method also has limitations; for coarse-grained inlays, ores with a gold particle size greater than 0.2 mm, and for quartz-bearing gold-bearing ores without sulfides, it is difficult to obtain a stable flotation foam after slurrying, using flotation The law has difficulties.

Second, gold mine re-election equipment
Sand gold mines are mostly re-elected for beneficiation. The main equipment for re-election is the various types of chutes, jigs and shakers.

1. Jigging gold selection method

The jigging method is a gold selection process for jigs. Jigs are commonly used re-election equipment and come in many types.

When the eccentric transmission mechanism drives the diaphragm to reciprocate, the water in the jigging chamber passes through the vertical alternating pulsating water flow generated by the screen. The selected materials are fed to the bed layer, and the bed ore and water form a granule system. When the water flow impacts upward, the particles are in a loose suspension state. At this time, the ore particles of different sizes are settled at different speeds, and the large-density coarse particles (bed stone) settle in the lower layer. When the water flow drops, inhalation occurs, and the mineral particles with a large density and small particle size pass through the bed gap and enter the lower layer.

2, shaker gold selection method

The shaker gold selection method is a gold selection process in which the shaker is the main equipment. The shaker is a device for beneficiation in a horizontal medium flow. It consists of two parts, the bed surface and the transmission mechanism (see the figure below). The bed surface is longitudinally reciprocated by the transmission mechanism. The sorting of the mine on the shaker is gradually completed during the reciprocating movement of the bed. The factors contributing to the movement of ore particles, in addition to their own gravity, are mainly the differential movement of the rushing and bed surface. The ore particles undergo a stratification perpendicular to the bed surface and a separation parallel to the bed surface during the movement. The result of both actions is that different ore particles are discharged from different intervals of the bed surface. The shaker can be divided into three types: coarse sand bed (>0.5 mm), fine sand bed (0.5-0.074 mm) and slime bed (0.074-0.037 mm) depending on the size of other ore selected.

3, chute selection method

The chute selection method is an old and still used re-election method. The main equipment for the chute selection is the chute. The chute is a wooden (or steel) narrow chute with an inclination of 3° to 4° (larger than 14° to 16°). The gold industry can be manufactured locally. The principle of sorting is: after the slurry is fed into the chute from the trough, under the combined action of the force of the water flow, the gravity of the ore (or centrifugal force), the friction between the ore and the bottom of the trough, the loose particles of different densities And separation, the density is greater at the bottom of the tank becomes a concentrate, the density is small to become tailings. The chute is intermittent operation. When the bottom concentrate is deposited to a certain height, the ore is stopped and the concentrate is cleared.

The chute is divided into a coarse sand chute and a slime chute. The former is suitable for processing coarse-grained materials, and the latter is suitable for processing fine-grained materials.

The coarse grain chute is the main equipment for sand gold ore beneficiation and is widely used on land and gold mining vessels. The large chute on the land is generally about 15 meters, and the gold mining ship is generally 4 to 6 meters.

4, spiral concentrator gold selection method

The spiral concentrator gold selection method is a gold selection process with a spiral concentrator as the main equipment. The spiral concentrator is a chute dressing equipment that uses the combined effects of gravity, friction, centrifugal force and water flow to separate the ore particles by specific gravity, particle size and shape (left side of the figure below). It is characterized in that the entire chute is curved in a spiral shape in the vertical direction. The sorting process is: the slurry fed from above the chute flows downward along the chute in a spiral shape. During the flow, the ore particles are stratified. Large particles with a small density are distributed on the outer edge of the spiral groove, and fine particles having a large density are distributed on the inner edge of the spiral groove (right in the lower figure). The stratified heavy product is discharged by the discharge port of the inner groove bottom by the interceptor, and the light product is discharged by the end of the spiral groove.

The spiral concentrator has a simple structure, is easy to manufacture, has no transmission mechanism, and does not require power. The disadvantage is that the selection of materials with a diameter of more than 6 mm and less than 0.05 mm and flat gangue is inferior. It is widely used abroad to select sand gold mines.

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