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River gravel sand making machine in Production process for sale,Shanghai XSM is a professional ore crusher equipment,River gravel sand making machine in Production process for sale, mechanical beneficiation equipment, ore milling equipment manufacturers.Ore mining process, the first belt conveyor, vibrating feeder, conveyor equipment ore sent to the jaw crusher, impact crusher, hydraulic crusher is a crushing raw ore, and the second by a small jawcrusher, hammer crusher ore secondary crushing third screening by vibrating screen meet the standard specifications of the ore is transported to the ball mill, ultrafine mill ore tertiary treatment by magnetic separators, flotationmineral machine elect a variety of needs.Of course, this is just a general ore processing, Shanghai XSM based on your type of ore you mine equipment that best suits you, If you have any questions, we are welcome to contact us or click on the right side of the line icon, our technical staff willgive you a detailed answer. getprice

River gravel sand making machine in Production process for sale

River gravel sand making machine in Production process

Pebbles and gravel used in construction are divided into three categories according to the technical requirements: Ⅰ, should be used for greater than strength grade C60 concrete; Ⅱ, should be used for strength grade C60 – C30 an antifreeze concrete impermeability and other requirements; Ⅲ, should be used for concrete strength classes less than the C30.

River gravel sand Production process

Materials used jaw crusher for coarse breaking, and produced into a coarse material transported by conveyor to a second fine crushing machine to break, then crushed stone after screening output two kinds of gravel: go on sand making progress when gravel meet sand particle size; another part of the material go on thin breaking. Part of Sand stones that through sand making progress, then through the sand washing process were made into sand and partly into the crusher broken again.

The most typical use of River gravel sand making is adapting to the current artificial sand industry, is the rod mill crusher, impact crusher, cone crusher, sand making straight-through alternative.

River gravel sand making machine Technical Features

High crushing efficiency, with a crushing, coarse grinding function;
Simple structure, easy maintenance, low operating cost;
Ability through non-broken materials, the material moisture content of small, moisture content of up to 8%;
Product shape, cubic shape, low flakiness content, suitable for aggregate shaping, artificial sand and highway aggregate production;
Product packing density, and iron contamination is minimal.

River gravel sand maker Troubleshooting

1. Symptoms

body swinging too large;
product particle size is too large;
idling resistance is too large;
bearing fever;
metal sound collide.

2. Reason

severe wear on the impeller wearing parts, feed particle size is too large, impeller for obstructions;
Driving wedge belt is too loose;
Bearing material within the plug sealing cap;
lack of oil or into dust, Bearing damage;
Liner or impeller wearing parts fall off.

3. Exclusion method

replacement of wearing parts, reducing the feed particle size, Remove the obstruction;
Driving wedge belt tension;
Open the upper sealing cap Clear;
Refueling or cleaning bearings, replace bearings;

Pebble application in filter system

Pebble is a pad bottom; quartz sand is filter layer, fluffy cotton is adsorbed layer!

Function is to first filtered, deep filtration, purification adsorption! For a variety of filters. Chestnut shape its appearance, surface area, mechanical strength, free of impurities. Widely applied to various mechanical supporting layer filters the ideal cushion filter.

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